The outreach efforts of The Watson Lab is in the process of being consolidated under the program Biology Beyond Borders (3B).  A dedicated website is under construction and we are currently seeking funding specifically for this endeavor.  Diversity is important to us and the borders that we seek to cross include those of age, education level, socioeconomic status, race, gender, nationality, and academic specialization. Current international projects are underway in Mexico and Dominica and we are expanding those programs to include an integrated educational component.  We are also working closely with Watson MST (elementary school) of the Garland, TX ISD to train teachers in data collection techniques and involve elementary students in the scientific process.  Many other outreach projects are in the works as we partner with a diverse group of scientist, laypersons, and community leaders to extend the laboratory and maximize the contribution of every project and member of our team. The Watson Lab team is passionate about what we do and we hope to make a difference beyond the confines of MWSU.  

Midwestern State University